The Best of Sicily Tour

The Best of Sicily Tour

Destination: Europe  |  Duration: 10 days  |  Call to Personalize your Custom Journey

Best of Sicily tours this Mediterranean island with highlights of the myth, art and architecture of ancient Greeks and Romans. You’ll stay in Palermo, Syracuse, Noto and Italy’s first beach resort, Taormina, venturing out to places like the Valley of the Temples, Ortygia and Segesta. And you’ll discover the dramatic beauty of Mt. Etna on a half-day trek up this active volcano.

palermo sicily teatro al massimo

Day 1: Your Best of Sicily tour begins!

You’ll arrive at Palermo airport and transfer to your hotel. The remainder of this first day is yours to enjoy at your own pace. Its’ the perfect time to head out for a pleasant stroll in the centro storico (historical city center) and discover the pace and essence of Palermo, the crossroads between east and west. Treat yourself to an Italian Aperitivo before finding a restaurant to enjoy your first authentic Sicilian dinner.

Night in Palermo

Palermo Sicily Monreale Cathedral

Day 2: Walking Tour of Palermo

Enjoy a private, guided walking tour in the old town center of Palermo. Visit the highlights including local open-air markets with street food tastings. Your guide will fill you in on the history of Palermo and Sicily. And you’ll have the pleasure of visiting the workshop of one of a local puppet maker.

After your tour of central Palermo, you will take a private transfer to Monreale for a guided tour of this medieval town. Visit the Duomo di Monreale (Cathedral of Monreale), one of the greatest examples of Norman architecture in existence today. You will enjoy seeing the exquisite and vibrant mosaics throughout the Cathedral as well as the cloister and well-manicured grounds.

Night in Palermo

Segesta Sicily Magna Grecia Temple

Day 3: Private Tour of Segesta

The Greek Empire once covered much of the Mediterranean including Sicily and today you will get a glimpse into this part of Italy’s history. Perched on a hilltop in western Sicily are the ruins of Segesta Archeological Park. Segesta is one of Italy’s most important sites with spectacular remains of the Magna Grecia (Greek Empire). Highlights of this expertly guided tour include the renowned main temple, built in the 5th century BC and one of the best-preserved examples of Doric architecture in the world., as well as the 4th century BC Greek theater.

Night in Palermo

Agrigento valley of the temples

Day 4: Agrigento & The Valley of the Temples

You will marvel at stunning examples of Greek art and Doric architecture at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your guide will explain the history of the ancient city on the hilltop of the city of Agrigento: Akragas, the most beautiful city of mortals. Your guide will tell you about the Temple of Hera, Temple of Concordia, Temple of Herakles, Temple of Zeus and the Temple of Hephaestus.

Continue to the colorful botanical Garden of Kolymbetra. This luscious garden was celebrated by writers and poets from ancient times and often compared to the Garden of Eden. Soak up the delightful scents and see many different plants typical to Sicily.

Night in Agrigento

Sant'Angelo Muxaro, Sicily

Day 5: Sant’Angelo Muxaro

Visit to Sant’Angelo Muxaro today on a private guided tour. Sant’Angelo is a small village with a fascinating ancient history. It has an important archaeological heritage with an enveloping backdrop of pristine nature.  But the real attraction of the place is the great heart of the people. You will walk among the picturesque village lanes with stops for tastings and encounters with locals. A dairy stop with tasting of cheeses produced each day by a local family. A bakery stop with a taste of “pani cunzatu” (bread with local olive oil and pepper), almond cookies, honey and more. Spend some time with the young shepherds who have given up everything to carry on the family trade of four generations. The tour ends with a panoramic tour of the natural archaeological area.

Night in Agrigento

Piazza Armerina mosaic

Day 6: Piazza Armerina

A private tour of the Piazza Armerina area includes the impressive structures of the Romana Villa at Casale. This greatest example of Roman mosaics in the world, it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The villa dates to circa 350 A.D. and most likely belonged to a member of Rome’s senatorial class, probably a governor of Rome.

Lunch today is at an olive oil mill. A guide will help you to understand all the steps of the olive oil processing and you can taste 4 different olive oils produced at the mill. Then enjoy a scrumptious lunch with local products and wines.

Night in Noto

Syracuse Ortigia Sicily

Day 7: Siracusa

After breakfast, a private transfer will take you to Siracusa (Syracuse). Visit the Neapolis Archeological Park where you will find the Greek Theatre, the Greek Stone Quarries, the Altar of Hieron II and the Roman Amphitheatre. Take a walking tour in the island of Ortygia, the historical center of Siracusa. This urban setting demonstrates an extraordinary ensemble of myth, history and art.

Night in Noto

Ragusa Sicily

Day 8: Ragusa and Modica

Take a stroll through with your guide through the open-air museum that is the ancient Baroque city of Ragusa Ibla. Visit a 17th century watermill where ancient grains are ground by stone as they have for centuries. Then enjoy a light lunch with some local specialties made with the flour produced in the mill.

After lunch, you will continue to Modica for another guided walking tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Modica ‘s twine of stairways and alleys are a delightful display of Baroque buildings and churches. When the day is done, you will be transferred to your new hotel.

Night in Taormina

Taormina Greek Theatre Mt Etna Sicily

Day 9: Mt. Etna and Taormina

Today will surely be a highlight of you trip with a private, naturalist -guided trek on Mt. Etna. Discover a unique, wild, arid volcano, but also rich in unexpected and unique mountain landscapes.

After your adventure on the volcano, you’ll visit a local winery for a wine tasting and a light lunch. Then return to Taormina for a guided tour of the town. This includes the ancient Greek Theatre built in the third century BC. The natural setting offers a splendid view toward the Calabrian coast, the Ionian coast of Sicily and the spectacular cone of Etna.

Night in Taormina

Taormina Sicily market

Day 10: Farewell to Sicily

Any time before your flight is yours to enjoy Taormina at your leisure. When it’s time, you will have a private transfer to the Catania International Airport for flight home. Or perhaps after the Best of Sicily tour, you’re ready for the best of another spectacular destination to extend your time in Europe.