Why We Need to Keep Dreaming about Travel

Why We Need to Keep Dreaming about Travel

I hope as you read this that you and your family safe and in good health during this extremely difficult time. With so many people around the world facing quarantine, hardships and all types of losses; it almost seems that our stress about this lack of independence and our inability to travel on demand is petty compared to the bigger issue. But easily being able to travel between states, and even countries, in just a matter of hours is not just a luxury. It has become a necessity. In my case, it is the only means for visiting my wife and three children who are living in the Dominican Republic. It’s so easy to leave Tampa in the morning and arrive in Santo Domingo in the afternoon, that I took for granted always being able to do it. So now while I have no idea when I will see my family again, I never stop dreaming about that next trip to Santo Domingo and how happy we will be once we’re together again. Do you face a similar situation with loved ones or close friends? I’d like to hear about it if you do.

Now more than ever, I believe it is important for us to be thinking about the future, and imagining when the world will be back to normal. Dreaming about travel transports us to a much better place far from the reality of the current situation. And we need that right now. So for that reason, I am already planning my next couple of trips. First and foremost I will visit my family. Then I dream of visiting somewhere that I have never been to before – Belize. Of course it’s no secret that I love Central America so Belize is an obvious choice. And I have always wanted to snorkel with the Whale Sharks and also see the abundance of different sharks on a snorkeling trip to Shark Ray Alley. There is just so much to see and do in Belize such as the astounding ancient Mayan Ruins and exciting jungle adventures like zip lining and cave tubing. Belize is a true tropical paradise for Adventurers and beach-lovers alike!

I truly hope you are continuing to dream about travel and you are planning your next bucket-list trip. Because, after all, isn’t it almost as much fun to dream about and plan your next Travel Journey of a Lifetime as it is to actually travel? And don’t you think that the more time you spend researching, imagining and getting excited about your dream destination that it makes it even more fun once you get there and actually experience the place?

So during such a stressful time, we need to be able to at least dream about our next trip or vacation as it will reduce stress, soothe the soul, and remind us that much better days will be coming in the future.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. And please Stay in Touch!